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Best VET/Surgeon you will find! We drive all the way from Tucson, AZ to have Dr Bradberry and his staff take care of our boy, Rosco. Thank you for all you do in helping animals!

– Autumn R

My dog would have lost his leg if not for them. I took my dog to another vet who wanted to amputate my dog’s leg after a car accident. The Bradberry’s sutured up his leg and he is doing just fine. The leg is much more functional and infection free. My greatest appreciation to these wonderful people.

– Susan G

We trust and appreciate Dr. Pierce so much that we travel with our cats from Los Angeles just so they can have their checkups with her.

– Alexandra

Dr. B and staff gave my old dog Red outstanding professional attention for his complicated medical conditions. No matter how busy, detailed technical explanations were patiently provided, and Red’s ACL surgery is giving my 12 year old Chinook a new lease on life. This is the best veterinary clinic giving compassionate, up to date and down to earth service that I have ever had the luck to find anywhere!

– Gianna S

Everyone there was wonderful to us. They definitely showed their compassion and love for our boy. They explained everything to us and what to expect.

– Kim

Our dog, Shyla, received the TTA-2 surgery for both back legs. Dr. Bradberry and the staff were very comforting and informative throughout the whole process. Dr. Bradberry stayed in contact with us throughout the recovery, answering any questions we had. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and knew our dog was in the best hands!

– Camille O, Las Cruces, NM

I was completely delighted with the office, receptionist, and Dr. Tiffany Pierce. The doctor took what felt like the right amount of time to evaluate, discuss and resolve the issues. I highly recommend them.

– Marge

Nothing better than a surgeon who has compassion for people and animals! I would recommend his facility to anyone in need of help.

– Kevin N, Scottsdale, AZ

Now my beautiful baby girl is all healed, chasing her bunnies and ground squirrels every day. Dr. Bradberry is by far the most incredible veterinarian I have EVER had the pleasure to work with, and truly one of the very few who is doing it not for the money, but for the love of the animals.

– Charity K, Tucson, AZ

It was so sad to see Dixie unable to run and play like she loves to, but we got her in right away. She’s back to be happy and care-free again, having a blast. We’re fans!

– Daniel S, Santa Fe, NM

Socks has healed without incident and has resumed her daily activities as a healthier and happier dog. We are so gracious for Dr. Bradberry’s skill and knowledge.

– Julie and Rosemary, Silver City, NM

Our dog’s recovery was swift and uncomplicated after each surgery and he is back to walking 2 miles a day and going hiking with us in the mountains. Dr. Bradberry is caring, professional, and highly skilled and we recommend him to anyone whose dog may need this surgery.

– David and Ellen P, Silver City NM

When our one and a half year old Labrador started limping during exercise on her front leg, we thought it was “growing pains.” When she didn’t improve we took her to Dr. Bradberry where she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. After surgery she recovered great and now runs like a gazelle!

– Deborah V, Johnson City, TX

I thought he was lazy and old (he is only three), well I was wrong. He was walking better a week after surgery than I had seen in over a year. He runs, jumps, and plays like a puppy again. Thank you Dr. Bradberry for giving me my dog back.

– Stephanie H, Las Cruces, NM

After Tuco broke his leg, we brought him to Dr. Bradberry and he fixed him up so perfectly. We are so grateful for not only his skill but also his insightful and kindly evaluation of the needs of our pet family members, and of our needs as well.

– Laura M, Portal, AZ