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Changes to Advanced Veterinary Care:

September 21, 2020

To Our Faithful Clients:

You may have noticed over the past few months that getting in to see us has been a little more difficult than before. Because of the events of Covid-19, our associate veterinarian, Dr. Dallas Sullivan, chose to move closer to her family. Dr. Shelby Bradberry became a full-time mom as schools closed and is now dedicated to online schooling for her children.

This has left Dr. Britton Bradberry as the sole provider, and appointments have filled up fast. Covid-19 also changed the entire practice because its impact led us to reach for work in surrounding areas, not just Grant County. This has led to a business of its own.

Since traveling surgery has led Dr. Bradberry to be out of the office so many days a week, we have regrettably not been able to give our patients the prompt attention that they deserve. Due to this and the impacts of the year 2020, Advanced Veterinary Care will be transitioning to a Surgical Center only.

We will continue to provide advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries and consultations, as well as dental procedures, to the highest standards that are Advanced Veterinary Care. Unfortunately, we will no longer be providing general practice services. Many of the days of the month, the office will be closed as Dr. Bradberry travels.

This has not been an easy decision for us. We have bonded with you and your pets greatly over the last 6 years. We will truly miss seeing our patients grow up and change, we will miss the triumphs of overcoming illness and injury, and, as hard as it is, we will miss being there for you when you say goodbye to your beloved pets.

As we make this transition, we will provide copies of your pets’ records to you in a timely manner, per your request. The best way to request your records is by emailing

We will continue to provide general practice care, as we are able, through October 22, 2020. We will still provide records after this date. Prescription medications eligible for refill will be refilled in normal quantities upon request until December 30, 2020. 

We genuinely appreciate each of you and every one of our patients. We thank you for supporting our business, for trusting us with your pets, and for believing in us. We will be honored if you continue to consider us for your pets’ advanced surgical needs. We wish you all the best.


Dr. Britton Bradberry and Dr. Shelby Bradberry 




“We spoke to specialists that extended from El Paso to the northern part of New Mexico. Finally I came across a colleague who had gone through something similar and had mentioned the doctor that they chose out of Silver City, Dr. Bradberry. It was our last hope before putting our dog to rest. We proceeded to knee surgery that week. The healing time of the dog was nearly three times less than what we had been expecting. Dr. Bradberry was beyond professional and routinely followed up with phone calls to make sure that the healing was happening smoothly. Within 8 weeks of meeting Dr. Bradberry, we had the ability not only to keep our dog, but make her fully agile." - Jason Trujillo, Owner of Onyx (pictured)



Welcome to Advanced Veterinary Care

Advanced Veterinary Care opened its brand-new hospital in June 2017. This facility provides over 3,800 sq ft of customized space for small animal surgery. The new facility is at 212 Highway 180 W, at the corner of 180 and Little Walnut Road.  

Why Choose Advanced Veterinary Care?


It’s in our name: Care. Our number one priority is our patient: Their needs, their comfort, come before all else. A close second to our patient’s care, are the needs and concerns of our patient’s owners. We believe in tailoring the best treatment plan for each individual pet; adapting to each family’s unique schedules and demands. We believe that you must take care of yourself as well, so you can take the best possible care of your beloved pet.  

Also in our name: Advanced. Our goal is to bring “big city” veterinary medicine to all communities. Rural areas don’t have to settle for outdated or minimal veterinary care – after all, pets are family! Our doctors bring anesthesia protocols and surgical monitoring used by Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, digital radiography, comprehensive pain management, and more to southern New Mexico’s pets. And this care doesn’t have to come with “big city” prices – our top-of-the-line care is more affordable than you'd expect.  

Contact Information

212 Highway 180 W
Silver City, NM 88061
Phone (575) 388-1503 



Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm




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