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General Practice

Dr. Tiffany Pierce

Now Offering General Care Services

Dr. Tiffany Pierce sees dogs, cats, and exotic pets, such as reptiles, birds, and small mammals. General Practice now offers the following services and more:

  • Wellness exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical appointments for sick or injured pets
  • Walk-Ins and Emergency care
  • Digital radiology (x-rays)
  • Heartworm Testing and Prevention
  • Skin allergy treatment including Cytopoint and Apoquel
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Dental Cleaning and Oral Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Surgery, such as growth removals
  • Comprehensive Pain Management
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Acupuncture/Trigger Point Therapy
  • Comprehensive Blood Work in house
  • Extensive blood and tissue tests by reference laboratories
  • Urinalysis
  • Hospitalization with IV fluids and comprehensive medical treatment
  • Nail Trims
  • Anal Sac Expression
  • Beak trims (avian)
  • Humane Euthanasia
  • In-home Humane Euthanasia
Services by Dr. Britton Bradberry and Dr. Shelby Bradberry

The Advanced Veterinary Care Difference

We take great pride in offering up-to-date and comprehensive care at an affordable price. We provide anesthesia, pain control, hospitalization, and treatments at a high level of standard. Below we explain the AVC difference in care:

Veterinary vital monitor


A successful anesthetic experience doesn’t mean that the patient only wakes up. A successful anesthetic procedure means that the patient was kept under an appropriate level of anesthesia while maintaining healthy vitals of heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygenation, EKG, and blood pressure.

Dog with toothbrush

Dental Procedures

Our dental procedures include personalized anesthesia, manual monitoring and digital monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygenation, blood pressure, and EKG.

All teeth are scaled with an ultrasonic cleaning tool, similar to what human dentists use. Extractions are made as needed due to exposed roots, and infected or broken teeth. Teeth are surgically extracted after applying a local pain block. Areas of extracted teeth are closed with absorbable suture. The teeth are then polished as a part of a typical dental cleaning. Appropriate pain medication is sent home, because pain management is of utmost importance at Advanced Veterinary Care.

Some dental cleanings will not require extractions. These will include ultrasonic scaling and polishing.

IV Fluids

Another AVC difference is the use of pre-, intra-, and post-operative (where needed) IV fluids. As it pertains to surgical procedures, IV fluids are necessary to maintain healthy blood pressure to provide blood perfusion to vital organs and help the body flush out anesthetic drugs post-operatively. IV fluids are also the cornerstone to treating many illnesses and injuries, as they provide quick rehydration, provide rapid electrolyte replacement, help the patient to feel better, and help organ systems function more efficiently. Most hospitalized patients will be on IV fluids during their stay at Advanced Veterinary Care.

Pain Control

AVC uses pain medication as part of the pre-anesthetic sedative and uses local blocks and epidurals where indicated. Local anesthetic blocks are used on spay and neuter incisions, on growth removals, and before dental extractions. Appropriate pain medications are sent home for recovery. Animals should never be in pain during or after a procedure.


Surgical procedures will be treated in a sterile field (the only exceptions being clean-contaminated or contaminated surgeries), with the veterinarian sterilely gowned and gloved. Patients are induced for anesthesia intravenously as described above, and local pain blocks or epidurals are used to provide the most comfort possible intra-operatively and post-operatively. Patients are monitored carefully post-operatively and have soft ice packs applied where indicated. Most patients go home the afternoon of their surgery, with exceptions, mostly for orthopedic surgeries.


We provide IV fluid hydration, injectable medications, pain control, and other treatments as needed for different illnesses. Hospitalized patients are monitored closely by an assigned assistant and will be assessed by the attending veterinarian at least daily, and of course, more often as needed. Our assistants provide frequent outdoor walks for dogs, and administer medications and treatments as ordered by the veterinarian. We do not have overnight staff; however, we check on critical patients as needed.


We take great pride in providing the best veterinary care in New Mexico. View what past clients have to say about Advanced Veterinary Care!

  • We trust and appreciate Dr. Pierce so much that we travel with our cats from Los Angeles just so they can have their checkups with her.

    five stars icon

    – Alexandra
  • Everyone there was wonderful to us. They definitely showed their compassion and love for our boy. They explained everything to us and what to expect.

    five stars icon

    – Kim
  • I was completely delighted with the office, receptionist, and Dr. Tiffany Pierce. The doctor took what felt like the right amount of time to evaluate, discuss and resolve the issues. I highly recommend them.

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    – Marge