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Cherry Eye Repair

“Cherry Eye” is the common name for prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid in dogs. This gland is responsible for producing part of the tear film to lubricate and protect the eye. Certain breeds, such as Brachycephalic (“smooshed-face”) breeds, are more prone to developing Cherry Eye. The prolapse appears as a soft swelling in the lower inner corner of the eye, and may come and go.

Dr. Bradberry is very skilled at performing the preferred surgery for this prolapse – creating a new pocket for the gland, replacing the gland in its proper position, and sewing the pocket closed with very thin suture material. We recommend that the gland never be cut off or removed as a “quick fix.” This removal decreases the tear film in the eye and can lead to chronic dry eye and severe corneal ulcers, which if serious enough, can lead to loss of the affected eye.