Jan 7th, 2015 By: Dr. Shelby Bradberry
      When should my puppy start his vaccines?    Puppies should receive their first vaccines between 6 and 8 weeks of age.      Is one vaccine enough?    For puppies, vaccines should be repeated, or “boostered,” every 3-4 weeks until the puppy is 16 weeks or older. Other areas of the country only require boosters past 12 weeks of age. However, since we are a Parvovirus and Distemper endemic area, extending boosters past 16 weeks of age is the Gold Standard of care.    Why so many?   Puppies are born with antibodies from their mothers. These antibodies are meant to protect the puppy in the early weeks of life. However, these antibodies interfere with our vaccines’ efficacy. Thus, boosters are given in an ... Continue Reading
Oct 22nd, 2014 By: Dr. Shelby Bradberry

Most dogs and cats show allergies through intensely itchy skin, often on their paws, on the belly, and where the legs meet the body. Most ear infections are secondary to allergies and many pets display their allergies primarily through their ears. Excessive scratching can lead to extremely irritated, broken, and infected skin. Pets often scratch or lick affected areas. Enzymes in saliva can stain the hair, causing a reddish discoloration after excessive licking. Chronic skin irritation can lead to skin changes such as thickening, hardening, or increased pigmentation. 

It is important that bacterial and fungal skin infections, skin mites, and other possible causes of skin irritation be ruled out by thorough ... Continue Reading